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The state of the construction market in Belgium, as well as the public works situation, forces companies to turn more and more to the international market. Responding to calls for tenders abroad, increasing the share of exports, external growth abroad, etc., there is no shortage of opportunities to seize.

Building companies and industrialists now have real challenges in terms of translating their technical and legal documents, etc., in order to be efficient in their collaborations with European and international players.

What competitive advantages can translation services offer you? What documents can be translated? How can we be supported as closely as possible to your needs? Answers now.

Internationalization: an opportunity for construction companies and industrialists

The Belgian building market has undergone major changes in recent years: the construction of new housing is declining, and public works are fewer in number. At the same time, the renovation of housing and industrial buildings is developing.

In this context, for many companies and craftsmen, maintaining their profitability, or even simply succeeding in filling their order book, can become a challenge. For these companies, foreign markets represent real opportunities.

The big names in the construction and industrial sectors, such as Bouygues Construction and Eiffage, are making no mistake about it, and are increasingly turning to international markets, particularly in emerging countries where large-scale infrastructure projects are rampant.

Opportunities to win attractive contracts are also available to small and medium-sized businesses. There are many internationalization strategies: opening a subsidiary or branch in a foreign country, carrying out international operations, buying a foreign entity that will merge with the main company, selling export machines, etc.

In addition, there is no shortage of potential markets:

  • Europe, in the first place, has the advantage of geographical and cultural proximity, which simplifies the whole process. Poland, Portugal and Norway, in particular, have major projects to build and renovate their energy and transport infrastructure over the next few years.
  • Emerging countries in Africa, the Middle East and some Asian countries stand out for their strong economic dynamism in the industrial and construction sectors.

Even without conquering international markets, collaboration with workers who do not speak Flemish or French is becoming common, especially with the rise of subcontracting. Between the freedom to provide services and the free movement of workers within the European Union, work with subcontractors is booming. This phenomenon is reinforced by the low cost of labour from some European countries.

Translating documents for clients and service providers: what are the advantages?

In view of the stakes and challenges facing construction and industrial companies today, using professional translation services makes sense. This is undeniably a competitive advantage for:

  • To expand into new markets and boost its turnover at European and international level.
  • Ensure quality communication with customers and service providers: collaboration with foreign nationals is becoming frequent, whether in the event of work on a construction site abroad, or in daily relations with a team of subcontractors, for example.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises: when working with foreign contacts, misunderstanding quickly develops. By relying on the expertise of a team of experienced translators, the procedures are secure.

Industry, construction and works sector: which documents can be translated?

In order to increase the number of responses to calls for tenders abroad, or to ensure maximum understanding with all your contacts (contracting authorities, electricians, masons, roofers, house painters, etc.), it is essential to work with precise and complete documents, whatever the language.

A professional translation agency offers an extensive range of services for all your translation needs:

  • Translation of calls for tenders, and your response to these calls for tenders.
  • Translation of technical reports, briefing notes.
  • Translation of tests and expert studies (construction, environment, civil engineering, etc.)
  • Translation of technical specifications.
  • Translation of instruction and machine installation manuals, their safety standards and maintenance instructions.
  • Translation of brochures and commercial brochures.
  • Translation of training materials, made available by human resources.
  • Translation of construction and ten-year civil liability insurance contracts.
  • Translation of your MRP data.
  • Translation of the public procurement code of the country where you conduct your business.
  • Translation of legal documents governing a merger/acquisition, etc.

What are the advantages of using specialized translators?

The translation needs of a construction or industrial company require a thorough knowledge of the sector in question and its business lines, as well as a perfect command of the languages involved in translation.

Translated documents can contain many technical, legal, acronyms, or regulatory terms that are not within the reach of a non-specialist. A good overview of the subject is also essential to be able to provide informed and coherent work.

A professional translation agency will provide you with quality services, provided by experienced translators who translate into their mother tongue. Specialized in your field of activity, they keep themselves informed of the latest developments in your sector of expertise in order to guarantee a perfect interpretation of the information. A team of proofreaders/linguists work a posteriori, in order to offer a perfect quality of deliverables, as well as a rigorous adherence to deadlines.

Are you responding to a call for tenders? Compliance with deadlines and procedures is a necessity. A reliable agency can guarantee the necessary reactivity and provide advice and know-how regarding the translation of administrative documents to help you win these new contracts.


Translation services are at the heart of a successful internationalization strategy. Whether it is to win an international call for tenders, communicate effectively with a foreign client, or to support the external growth of your company, our team of specialised translators Tradutec Belgium will be able to meet your requirements in terms of quality and deadlines.